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     The Founder/Director of the Philadelphia Mission, Evangelist Trevor Irwin, has been working with extreme poverty families in Uganda, South India and Northern Nigeria since 1994. In 2001 he spent 9 months researching the plight of orphans and street children in Uganda. His report prompted many new changes in relief and the type of support for these precious people.

    Philadelphia Mission was created in November 1995, because of the inability, and often times refusal of Government's, NGO's and other organizations to provide adequate support, training and care for "extremely poor rural villagers". Millions suffer from chronic malnutrition, and diseases that are caused by a lack of good quality food and clean water. This wipes out parents careers and leaves many children unable to care for themselves. This is common in many places throughout the world; but here in isolated villages in Africa, and South India, we are making a real difference.

    The long term solution is to empower them to grow good quality food. to do this we provide tractor,s plough's, chain harrows, seed, fertilizers and training in all farming skills.

    We give our time and skills free. Our Charity overheads are low, as we do not have large offices. Yet We have achieved so much with so little.

    Please, visit our website and give what you can to help in this great cause.

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